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Never again will you have to struggle balancing your products on the back of your wash basin when changing your stoma appliance.

Stoma Caddy is a light weight flexible storage unit to help keep all your products to hand.

There's a handy wet or dry wipe holder, a pocket to hold 1 or 2 spray cans, a hook for your waste bag, plus a post hook to hold your new pouch.

The unit will cling to any smooth shiny surface such as glass, a mirror, shiny glossy tiles etc without the need for adhesives or permanent fixings, so it is totally portable.

Please note that Stoma Caddy will NOT cling to mat finish or textured ceramic tiles.

You can use Stoma Caddy in your own bathroom but it also makes a perfect travel

companion as many hotel vanity areas have very limited space.

It could be used at your place of work, hotels, caravans, motorhomes, cruise ships etc.

It is ultra light weight and flexible and will squash almost flat to fit in your suitcase / bag.

You can buy multiple products and only pay one low flat rate for postage.

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