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Back in 2013 I inherited a stoma following emergency surgery. So far I have been extremely lucky not to have had any issues with my stoma and I am enjoying day to day life with my new friend.

I have however had problems trying to balance all my equipment on the back of my wash basin when changing my appliance. This is why I decided to develop the Stoma Caddy.

Its a light weight flexible storage unit which will cling to any smooth shiny surface (not mat finish or textured) without the use of adhesives or permanent fixings.

The Stoma Caddy consists of a handy wet or dry wipe holder, a pocket to hold 1 or 2 spray cans, a hook for your waste bag plus a post hook to hold your new pouch.

Perfect for use in your own bathroom, place of work, holiday hotel, mobile home etc

I am currently developing more new products so please register for more info at the bottom of this page

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